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NTPM is a consumer goods and paper company that aims to enhance personal hygiene with our products. With years of experience, it enables our brands to make a strong presence in the Malaysian market.

Branded with the prominent tagline "Buy More Tissue Not Air", CUTIE COMPACT toilet tissues has well acquired over 50% of the toilet tissue market in Malaysia since year 2005 (source: AC Nielsen report).

CUTIE brand tissue caters a variety of product that consists mainly on toilet tissue, kitchen towel rolls and napkins.

Weighing 180g +/- per roll, CUTIE COMPACT toilet tissues offer more tissue in every roll of tissue.
How do you spot a COMPACT roll from other ordinary rolls?
How to spot a COMPACT roll than other ordinary rolls? CUTIE COMPACT has a smaller core & denser rolls.

Toilet Roll
Cutie Compact 3 PLY
Toilet Roll
CUTIE COMPACT toilet rolls weights 180g +/- per roll, the compactness offer more tissue in every roll of tissue.
Packing Size: 4, 10 rolls & 3in1 (3x10 rolls)
Cutie Compact 3 PLY
Upgraded CUTIE COMPACT is 3 ply with Flower Emboss. It offers a softer and stronger tissue.
Packing Size: 4, 10 rolls, 2in1 & 3in1 (3x10 rolls)
Kitchen Towel ~ 90s x 6rolls
Kitchen Towel

CUTIE COMPACT kitchen towel comes in 90sheet per roll.
Packing Size: 6 rolls

CUTIE COMPACT serviette comes in 200 sheets per pack is suitable for your dining convenience.
Packing Size: 200 sheets

Cutie Compact Special

CUTIE COMPACT SPECIAL 3ply, embossed toilet rolls weights 150g +/- per roll.
Packing Size: 10 rolls.
Cutie Compact 4000 Sheets

CUTIE COMPACT Toilet Roll with 8000 ply (267 sheets) with 3 ply per roll, the compactness offer more tissue then others.
Packing Size: 10 rolls

Kitchen Towel

CUTIE SOFT toilet roll is gently soft and surprisingly strong.
Packing Size: 10, 20 rolls & 3in1 (3x10 rolls)
Cutie Budget

CUTIE BUDGET toilet rolls offer a softer and more durable toilet roll tissue. CUTIE BUDGET is value for money product that disregards quality and softness.
Packing Size: 10, 20 rolls & 3in1 (3x10 rolls)