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Lee Chong Choon

Group CEO


     30/06/2022                  Directors' Fit and Proper Policy
     30/06/2022                  Revised TOR of Audit Committee
     30/04/2021                  Corporate Governance Report
     02/07/2020                  Whistle-blowing Policy and Procedures
     02/07/2020                  Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy
     09/06/2018                  Board Charter
     09/06/2018                  Code of Conduct and Ethics
     09/06/2018                  Conflict Management Policy
     09/06/2018                  Revised Term of Reference of the Audit Committee
     09/06/2018                  Revised Term and Reference of the Nominating Committee
     24/06/2016                  NTPM Board Charter
     24/06/2016                  Nominating Committee
     24/06/2016                  Audit Committee
     12/03/2014                  NTHB Personal Data Privacy Policy (BM).
     12/03/2014                  NTHB Personal Data Privacy Policy (Eng).
     24/06/2013                  Board Charter
     24/06/2013                  Summary of Code of Conduct