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A notable History
NTHB is principally involved in the manufacturing and trading of tissue papers, toilet tissue, serviettes, napkin, and other paper related products and trading of cotton and investment holding.

In the 70s

In the 70s
NTHB Group started its operation through NTPM which was founded by Mr. Lee See Jin.
NTPM started producing and selling jumbo rolls, a type of semi-finished product to paper converters. Mr. Lee See Jin discovered the potentials in producing jumbo roll from recycled wastepaper, thus NTPM invested in a paper-making machine imported from Taiwan. With only one (1) paper-making machine, NTPM started its commercial production in the paper rolls business in end of 1979 with the production capacity of five (5) tones per day.
In the 80s
Despite the intense competition from market players, the business operations of NTPM continue to grow over the years. NTPM began to convert them into tissue papers and toilet rolls and sold to the market directly.
NTPM has already established its own distribution network under NTE, its distribution company to expand its domestic market. It also began to set up sales offices throughout Malaysia and sell directly to retailers which resulted in significant growth in its sales. At the same time, it started investing in transportation equipment in order to service other market segments all over the country.
Mr Lee See Jin introduced a significant technology breakthrough for NTPM by venturing into tissue paper production using the de-inking system. The de-inking system allows NTPM to produce higher quality paper from recycled wastepaper and process them into tissue paper for end-user consumption. With the new technology, NTPM was able to expand further into the upper market segment servicing retailers and end-users instead of only paper converters. By then, NTPM was able to record sales exceeding RM 10 million.
With the continuous growth in its operation, NTPM began to expand into Singapore. NTPP was set up. At this point, the demand for NTPM’s products was well over its supply. This has helped NTPM in surviving through the economic recession then. In order to meet the increasing demand and growth in its sales, NTPM continuously invest in acquiring new machinery to increase its production capacity.
In the 90s
NTPM further expands its supplies to local supermarkets under its distribution company, NTE that implements an effective computerized delivering system.
In the same year, apprehending the need of powerful branding, NTPM began to focus on its sales and marketing effort by branding its tissue products under the brand name “PREMIER”.
NTHB was incorporated under the name Bypass Structure Sdn Bhd to be the investment holding company to better manage all the companies under one stable. Since then, NTPM, NTE and NTPP became the subsidiaries of NTHB.

In the 90s
In the 2000s
Foreseeing the direction of its future expansion, NTHB Group acquired Jia In, a printing business to complement its paper operations by supplying tissue boxes for packaging of its finished goods.
Acknowledging the higher demand in pulp quality paper, NTPM introduces a 3-ply pulp range products. The products marketed under the brand name “ROYAL GOLD” include facial tissue, toilet paper and kitchen rolls.
NTHB Group included facial cotton manufactured under Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) arrangement under the brand name “PREMIER” in March 2002.
In the subsequent year, NTHB Group has further expanded the personal care category with the introduction of the female sanitary napkin product under the brand name “INTIMATE”.
NTHB Group included baby diapers manufactured under Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) arrangement under the brand name “DIAPEX” in October 2004.

NTPM Office in Selangor today
NTPM has a production capacity of 355 tonnes a day or approximately 127,800 tonnes per annum with a total of twenty (20) paper-making machines. Currently NTPM is operating at approximately 2/3 of its production capacity. NTPM intends to continue to upgrade its machinery to further increase its production capacity. Currently, NTE has thirteen (13) sales offices cum delivery centres of which ten (10) are located in Peninsular Malaysia, two (2) in Sarawak, one (1) in Sabah and one (1) in Singapore. (For Our Sales Offices contact, please click on Contact Us)