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Being an environmentally compliance company, NTPM is conscious in reducing adverse enveronmental impacts through its production processes. Thus, the Group was recently awarded with two (2) environmental certification, ISO 14001:2004 and Environmental Choice New Zealand.


NTPM has continued to strive on acting sustainable, and we are proud to announce that with effective April 2010, NTPM has added 24 products licensed to use the Environmental Choice Australia Mark.
Our licensed products to Australia are compliance with the environmental performance criteria described in GECA 13-2007 - Sanitary Paper Products. The Mark also means NTPM's products are of good environmental performance and less detrimental than similar products sold on the Australian market.
Our appointed distributor, John S Hayes and Associates Pty Ltd, is selling the below licensed products in Australia :
Toilet Paper Product Range :
1. TruSoft 200'S 4'R Pack
2. TruSoft 400'S 4'R Pack
3. TruSoft 400'S 2-ply Wrapper
4. TruSoft 850'S 4'R Pack
5. TruSoft 1000'S 4'R Pack
6. Luxury Regal 48RLx700SH Wrapper
7. TruSoft JBT 300m 2-ply
8. TruSoft JBT 500m 1-ply
9. TruSoft JBT 400m 2-ply
10. TruSoft JBT 650m 1-ply
11. Plumbing Friendly Jumbo JRT 240m 2-ply
12. Plumbing Friendly Jumbo JRT 400m 1-ply
13. Regal Single Pull Tissue 240'S
14. Regal Single Pull Tissue 400'S
15. Enviro Saver Recycled Toilet Tissue 400's 2-ply
Facial Tissues Product Range :
16. Regal 200'S
17. Regal Gold 100'S
Paper Towel Product Range :
18. TruSoft Centre Pull Tissue
19. Enviro Saver Recycled Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m 2-ply
20. Enviro Saver Recycled Jumbo Roll Tissue 500m 1-ply
Hand Towel Product Range :
21. TruSoft HRT 80m 16'R 1-ply
22. TruSoft HRT 100m 16'R 1-ply
23. Regal Blue Interleaved Hand Towels
24. Regal Interleaved Hand Towels
25. Regal Gold Interleaved Hand Towels
26. Regal Slim Line Towel 250'S
Kitchen Towel Product Range :
27. Premier 2'R Non-printed
Brief Introductory of Good Environmental Choice Australia :
   The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labeling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods. The label is awarded to products that meet voluntary environmental performance standards which have been created and assessed in conformance to international environmental labeling standards. The program is internationally recognized and growing in demand and awareness throughout different industries.
   Please visit www.geca.org.au for more information on Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)
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We are awarded Environmental Choice, New Zealand.
NTPM is licenced to use New Zealand Environmental Choice label from January 2009. Our distributors Premier Hygiene & Packaging Limited and The Warehouse Limited are selling the below licenced products in New Zealand:-
Bathroom Tissue :
TenderSoft Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 10 Rolls
TenderSoft Season Greeting Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 10 Rolls
TenderSoft Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 4 Rolls
TenderSoft Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 40 Rolls
TenderSoft Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 24 Rolls
Tru Soft Toilet Paper Roll 400 Sheets (Wrapped)
SuperSoft Toilet Paper Roll 300 Sheets x 6 Rolls
Facial Tissue :
TenderSoft Facial Tissue 150 Sheets x 2 Ply
TenderSoft Stone Design Facial Tissue 200 Sheets x 2 Ply
TenderSoft Facial Tissue 200 Sheets x 2 Ply
Royal Gold Interleaf Facial Tissue 80 Sheets x 3 Ply
Royal Gold Luxurious Facial Tissue 170 Sheets x 2 Ply
Kitchen Towels :
TenderSoft Kitchen Towel 60 Sheets x 1 Roll
TenderSoft Kitchen Towel 60 Sheets x 2 Rolls
Jumbo Roll :
Regal Centre Feed Blue Towel 300 Meters x 1 Ply
Tru Soft Jumbo Roll Tissue 300 Meters x 2 Ply
Regal Centre Feed Towel 180 Meters x 2 Ply
Regal Centre Feed Towel 300 Meter x 1 Ply
M-Fold :
Regal M-Fold 150 Sheets x 1 Ply
Bathroom Tissue :
Red Stamp Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 40 Rolls
Red Stamp Toilet Paper Roll 150 Sheets x 40 Rolls - Free 1 Tube Pocket Tissue
Brief Introductory of Environmental Choice ­ New Zealand’s Ecolabelling Programme :
   Environmental Choice New Zealand is a member of Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), which is an international group of Ecolabelling bodies representing 28 countries worldwide. Please refer to www.gen.gr.jp for more information.
   The planet-and-tick symbol of Environmental Choice New Zealand has been selected in a new European global study, commissioned by the British Government as an example to the world. Environmental Choice provides a credible and independent guide, across a range of different product types for consumers who want to purchase products with reduced environmental impacts. The criteria are considered to represent best practice globally.
   Environmental Choice New Zealand is managed by The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust. Currently, it has mutual recognition arrangements with Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Czech Republic, USA and Canada.
   Please visit www.enviro-choice.org.nz for more information on Environmental Choice New Zealand.
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   With greater demand in hygiene and sanitized products for food and products in contact with food management, NTPM continues to re-affirm its commitment to quality management system in implementing the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to its table napkins segment and virgin pulp kitchen towel.
   The implementation ensures that potential hazards to foods safety are recognized, regulated, prevented, monitored and controlled.
   With proper hygiene guidelines and compliance to the HACCP system, NTPM obtained the HACCP certification on 28 June 2007.

HACCP Food Safety Policy & Objective

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   NTPM is proud to announce that we have finally attained the ISO 14001: 2015 accredited by UKAS certification on 26 May 2008.
Our 3 main components for environmental policy are
  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements
  • Prevention of pollution and
  • Continual improvement.
   We focus on significant environmental aspects and ensure all processes and activities which produce product that will give an effect to environment comply with applicable legal requirements. We also define objectives and targets and implement programs to improve the environmental performance that benefit the company.
Environmental Policy
“We are committed to be an environmentally responsible company by complying with applicable legal and other legislative requirements, preventing pollution to the environment and continually improving our manufacturing processes to conserve the environment.”

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We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.
On 27th April 2002, we obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are re-certified every 3 years.
With good practices and compliance with the ISO 9001:2015, we continue to ensure the production of quality products for our consumers.

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